western outfit

The western customs has influenced many of the traditional dresses as well. One can hold their fashion with the mash-up of their own style statement too. And this freedom makes the dress more likable to wear every time without any second thinking. If you love fashion and can spare few minutes to know more about your love, then you have knock at the right place.

1.Bandeau Dresses

These dress look gorgeous on those who have perfect small to medium sized breasts,  if this happens the dress can be very relaxed and breezy because Bandeau dress do not have sleeves or straps and perfectly fit at your bust.
you can wear Bandeau Dresses at your special date, Weddings, Cocktail parties, Formal brunches or dinners.

2.Blouson Dresses

These dresses have a string closure or a belt at the waist which keep your waist part fixed and composes. And because of this the torso part will look like free and loose blouse hanging on strings. You can wear blouson dresses in Workwear, Cocktail parties, Formal brunches , dinners, late night party or in bachelor’s meeting.

3.Sheath Dresses

These dresses  is the most common type of dresses and doesn’t need much notice before wearing them. Hourglass, Well-toned curvy body type women look good in these dresses. You can wear sheath dresses in Strictly formal-Interviews, conferences etc.

4.Pencil Dresses

These dresses are mainly known for their body-fitted lower part. Pencil dresses are narrow and straight like a pencil with a closely tailored hem falling at or below the knees. Hourglass, Pear shaped, Slim and well-toned body types are well suited in these dresses.