gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is a best eye makeup formula that glides easily along your lash line & creates a rich, Dewey look that can be built up to deep coverage to create a more natural, finish. All in all, gel eyeliner can be a amazing addition to your eye makeup collection in order to give you with extra versatile options when it comes to lining your eyes.

If you want to try gel liner, so keep reading the following Gel Eyeliners reviews to learn more about the best gel eyeliners available on the market.

1.Tips & Toes Gel Eyeliner

 Tips and Toes Gel Eyeliners one of the low-priced gel eye liners. You can see the packaging is similar like lakme gel liner. And yes, of course it is mark proof but the color is not that much of good.

2. Maybelline Eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner

It comes in different types of colors. And with superb staying hours it is absolutely a top choice.

3.Inglot matte AMC gel eyeliner

Inglot matte AMC gel eyeliner is one of the best gel eyeliner. Of course it is a costly but you will love the coloring. It is jet black and that too with matte finish & also superb staying power quality.

4. L’Oreal 24H Super liner waterproof gel liner

L’Oreal 24H Super eyeliner waterproof gel liner is also one eyeliner that comes in different colors. This one also comes with a thin brush which is easy to apply.

5. Revlon colorstay gel eyeliner

Revlon colorstay eyeliner is great because the touch is really soft & thin. And so it does not cause any irritation to your eyes. Thus, even people who wear lens or having sensitive eyes is perfect.

6. MAC Fluidline Gel eyeliner

MAC Fluidline Gel eyeliner also comes in variety of shades. But of course it’s MAC so the quality of eyeliner is really awesome.

These all above are the best gel Eyeliner from my side. Let me know if you know any more in the comments down below.