boost immunity system

Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) spread across the globe, the world is going through a major calamity. It is a time when health has turned out to be the main priority. So, It’s crucial to take care of what foods we’re putting into our bodies and how to boost our immune system.

Here are some natural tips that help you boost your immunity system & stay strong even in hard times like these:

1. Foods rich in vitamin D

Vitamin D helps in fending off coronavirus while it will shield from getting the infection. One of the best sources of obtaining Vitamin D is through daylight. vitamin D is the best way to give the natural boost of immunity & metabolism in the human body. The top Foods like eggs, salmon, cheddar, & mushrooms help in boosting the immunity as well as the metabolism. Along with this, it is very important that one takes 6 to 8 hours sleep and stay optimally hydrated.

2.Reduce Stress:

Stress is very bad for your body. Chronic stress weakens the immune system and increases the risk of various infections catching your body. To reduce stress, keep yourself in several relaxing techniques used to reduce stress.

3.Anti-Inflammatory Foods:

Anti-Inflammatory Foods are important in boosting stamina levels in your body. Foods like lemon, tomatoes, Turmeric, ginger, fish oil, walnuts and foods rich in Omega-3 help in improving immunity & also prevents from various diseases.

4.Ginseng Tea

The Ginseng Tea is boosted with antioxidants that works as a shield for the body to protect against seasonal fever, flu and aliments. The ginseng has been known for its filtering & purifying properties. It further improves the energy levels in the body & enhances immunity in the long run.

5.Minimize Exposure to Toxins:

Toxins can be very harmful to your immune system. So, it is recommended to stay away from chlorinated water, air pollution, food additives, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.

Follow these above guidelines to boost your immune system’s ability to keep you healthy during the corona virus pandemic (Covid 19).